The Instagram Business Bundle

Do you have an Instagram business account?

You should be checking your Insights daily to measure what content is working for your business and what your audience is responding too.

Watch this 20-minute training to learn how to use Insights to grow your business and if you're ready to skyrocket your Instagram business check out the bundle below!


What This Bundle Has to Offer :

The Ultimate Instagram Bundle contains everything you could want to know about creating an Instagram page that will grow your brand, from content to monetization. In the following 4 Masterclasses and eBook you will have all the tools you need to grow your Instagram page.

Instagram Basics for Business. 

Do you get stuck on how to use Instagram for your business? This Masterclass covers 5 key factors for a successful Instagram foundation.

How To Create An Instagram Content Plan

Stop getting stuck on what to post on your Instagram page by creating an outstanding Instagram Content plan that will attract new followers and buyers.

How To Build A Successful Page That Pays

Let's leave struggle behind. Learn how to build an Instagram page that will lead to daily sales and deposits!

How To Get Paid Daily Using Instagram

Do you feel as if you are wasting your time scrolling on Instagram? Would you like to learn how to post and get paid? Do you want to learn how to get paid daily using Instagram? This Masterclass is for you!

The Ultimate Guide 3.0

Instagram is changing constantly and the new ultimate guide is here to help you navigate the current changes and prepare your page for the future ones. 

Instagram is a powerful tool and it's time you learn how to master the 'Gram!

This was my first time buying your class and it was excellent - no fluff. All valuable content. Thank you.


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Cici Gunn, Founder and CEO of The Six Figure Chick, is the Queen Bee of⁣ Instagram strategy, master of digital monetization and reigning expert on digital product creation for online business owners who want to 10x their community growth, cash in on their knowledge and pull in profits daily.⁣ ⁣ Cici has grown an online community of 500,000+ people across several social⁣ media platforms and has made over $2 million dollars from digital products that provide entrepreneurs with a play-by-play on how to maximize their know-how and make meteor-sized impacts on their community.⁣ ⁣ Having gone from $21K a year to $21K a week (and more), Cici’s expertise lies in teaching ambitious business owners how to serve value on a silver platter and collect that “sleepcoin” with repeat payment notifications.

Your Guide to Building An Intagram Page That Gets More Than Just Likes! 

Looking for the answer to all of your Instagram struggles? 

Think of this bundle as your blueprint to building a page that makes an impact and grows your income.